A warriors-based written Cat RP, Prides of Port Town is open to RPers, artists, and writers of all skill levels. Create your cat, chose a Pride, and join the hunt!
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 Submission Form Outline

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PostSubject: Submission Form Outline   Submission Form Outline EmptyFri Feb 27, 2015 3:42 pm

Copy and Paste this form and fill it out as completely as possible!

Name: (Character's name, "adjective/noun"-kit)
Pride: (Include what Pride you are hoping to be accepted in to. If your chosen Pride does not accept you, you may apply with the same character to another Pride, keeping in mind any adjustments to your application that need to be made)
Rank: (Fill this in as Kit for now, to be updated when your character levels up in their Pride)

Age: (all character's start as a Kit. As your character ages, you will update this section with Kit, Yearling, Adult, and Elder)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Physical Description: (A few sentences describing your Character's looks, refer back to the Character Rules for a list of approved coat colors and types to draw from, and for approved eye colors. Please include a picture, referring to the Character Rules for what kind of images are allowed. Pictures can be added by using either the "Add Attachment" feature or the "Insert Picture" feature. Please select the "Insert" button while uploading your picture so that the image posts at a reasonable size)
Height: (See Character Rules for specific guidelines; this can be updated as they grow to include Kit, Yearling, and Adult height)
Weight: (See Character Rules for specific guidelines; this can be updated as they grow to include Kit, Yearling and Adult weight

Family: (List character's parents, including whether or not they are from the Pride, another Pride, or if your Kit was found (check is Prides are currently accepting found Kits!) and any other family relations. Mates and Kits can be added as they are gained in the RP)
Personality: (Should be at least 250 words, and needs to touch upon at least three of the eight Star Pride Characteristics (see the Character Rules or your profile for the full list); keep in mind your writing basics while creating your character--well rounded characters have strengths and flaws! Working hard to understand from other peoples' points of view is a better strength than being a good listener, while being clumsy or too nice is not a character flaw, but believing so much in the goodness of justice that you can't see the grey areas of things is)

Character Progression: (This is where you document your character's growth in the RP; list links to art, writings, and RPs, including a note of which activities earned you Paw Points and which leveled up your skills. Leave it as is for now)
Knowledge: 0/10
Hunting: 0/10
Strength: 0/10
Healing: 0/10
Trickery: 0/10
Stealth: 0/10
Diplomacy: 0/10
Teamwork: 0/10
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Submission Form Outline
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