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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Character Rules EmptyFri Feb 27, 2015 3:44 pm

Please read through these rules in full before submitting a character application. Any questions should be posted in the "Questions" thread of this topic

Character Guidelines:
Cats are an animal full of diversity, coming in a many, many breeds and varieties made up of dozens of sizes, shapes, coat colors and types. With that said, this RP is set along the eastern coast of colonial America, so the breeds you chose to base your characters on should reflect that. While you can certainly chose cat breeds from all around the world to mix with your character, your base breed should be of North American or European decent. Here you can find a list of breeds to help get you started--and if you are worried about being limited by these restrictions, don't be! The cats of the United States alone are wildly varied; you will be sure to find something you love! Check here for a list of Cat Breeds.

On Disabilities and Injuries:
No character should come into the RP with an already established severe injury or disability that they could not realistically survive with on their own in the wild. Injuries include, but are not limited to: severe head, jaw, or neck injuries, serious scars on the head, neck, or body, broken or missing limbs, missing or irreparably damaged eyes or ears, severe burns, or items embedded into the skin (for example, a hawk talon buried in the character's shoulder). Disabilities include: deafness, blindness, sever neurological disorders, deformed or missing limbs from birth, or mental or emotional disabilities. If you want to make these additions to your characters at a later date through RP activity, or have kittens born in RP with disabilities, they must be approved by your Pride Mod (be prepared to defend your request!).

Physical Traits:
While creativity is welcome, your characters are expected to be realistic. Please keep this in mind, and try to stay within these height and weight limits.

Height to the shoulder: 8''-12''
Length from head to tail: 25''-30''
(*Measurements in inches)
7 lbs-13 lbs
Cats come in a range of body types, from the long and slender oriental breeds to the stocky, cobby builds. These numbers are averages, and feral cats can run smaller, while breeds like the Mane Coon can tip the scales at 25 lbs. However, these are the exceptions, not the rule, and you should be able to explain any extremes (the runt of the litter or a feral cat; a comfortably chubby house cat).

On Colors:
Cat coats come in a wild range of colors, textures, and lengths. Grey, silver, blue, black, white, tan, ginger, orange, golden, red, tri-color (including calicoes), bi-color (tortoiseshell, patched two-tone colors) , color-point (Siamese, Himalayan), solid, spotted (Bengal), classic tabby, striped tabby, ticked, mink, mackerel, hairless, short hair, long hair, angora, and rex. Typical eye colors include blue, green, gold, and hazel (with all kittens born blue eyed, the color turning at about 5-6 weeks). Tails come in a number of lengths.
With this kind of variety, there should be no trouble coming up with a cat that is unique and suits your personal tastes. Because the cats in this RP are intended to be at least semi-realistic, it is asked that you stick with natural colors, coat types, and builds when designing your characters. While traits like two-toned eyes and albinism are naturally occurring, they are rare and will therefore cats of these types, and other similarly rare conditions, can only make up no more than 10% of the total population of characters.

On Character Images:
As stated in the main rules, you may use a number of types of pictures to represent your character. Photos, character creators, commissions, and your own art can all be submitted. However, ALL images that do not belong to you MUST either belong to the public domain, or by used with credit to the original artist (including commissioned work).

A Note on Final Designs:
All designs must draw from the colors and types previously listed. Cats whose designs are too unrealistic will be automatically denied, no matter how fantastic the rest of their application is. Applications using images that are copyrighted, or otherwise not under the ownership of the player, without crediting back to the original artist, will also be denied. If your application is denied, you do have the opportunity to go back and make edits and try again (we encourage you to do so!) If you are ever unsure of your cat's design, do not hesitate to ask a staff member for advice!
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Character Rules
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