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 Greyfur's Submission

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Character sheet
Character Name: Greyfur
Pride: Bramble Pride
Rank: Pride Leader

PostSubject: Greyfur's Submission   Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:53 am

Name: Greyfur
Pride: Bramble Pride
Rank: Pride Leader

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Greyfur is a domestic longhair/Chantilly-Tiffany breed cat with dark grey fur and gold eyes. He is large and stocky, with a broad chest and big, round, almost flat-faced head.

(image from wikipedia article on Chantilly-Tiffany cat breed)
Height: 12 inches high, 27 inches long
Weight: 18 lbs

Family: His parents, a long haired black tom-cat and a short haired ginger she-cat, were mousers on one of the ships that traveled the various ports along the coast. He has a sister, Ginger, who he has not seen in years, a deceased brother named Cask, and another sister with short black fur named BlackTooth who is Pride leader of Seaport Pride.

Personality: Born on a merchant ship, Greyfur was raised fighting to fit in. While the ship he and his family lived on needed the mousers to maintain their wares, they carried more cats than the ship could comfortably carry, which led to constant tensions among the cats. Family truly came first, because no one else was looking out for you, and this was a lesson Greyfur never forgot. Teamwork for Greyfur meant brotherhood, because if the cats you hunted with weren't as close as family, there was no certainty of relying on them. Because of this, Greyfur puts loyalty above all else, and has little patience for any cats who fail to live up to his expectations of serving the group. Hunting skills and fighting skills, for Greyfur, were indistinguishable. Fighting your prey and fighting other cats were equally likely in the enclosed ship deck, and through years of literally fighting for his food, Greyfur became quite the formidable hunter and warrior. When he eventually left the ship to find his place on land, Greyfur brought that sense of battle with him. When he discovered that his chosen place to settle, a thicket of thorny brambles, was uncomfortably close to a den of foxes, Greyfur refused to back down and abandon his new home. With diplomacy not an option for the stubborn, fierce tom-cat, Greyfur lead Bramble Pride instead into a proud, battle hardened group of wily and loyal cats. His long life of battle and conflict has made him closed off and distrusting, and although he pulses with loyalty for his Pride, it doesn't take much to find yourself on the aging cat's bad side--and woe to the cat who slights this scrappy leader!

Character Progression:
Knowledge: 0/10
Hunting: 0/10
Strength: 0/10
Healing: 0/10
Trickery: 0/10
Stealth: 0/10
Diplomacy: 0/10
Teamwork: 0/10
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Greyfur's Submission
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