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 Bramble Pride Overview

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Bramble Pride

Bramble pride Life

The heart of Bramble pride life lies within its secretive camp. Nestled deep within a thorny thicket, Bramble pride is well protected from any threats the outside world might throw their way. The grasslands and thicket that spread, sprawling, behind Port Town provide a bounty of wildflowers and wild fruits and nuts, which attracts all manner of small mammals and birds. Bramble pride feeds well on this bounty, and its cats flourish under the land's nourishment. But bounty also brings competition. A pack of grey foxes lives on the outskirts of the field, and the pride finds themselves at constant odds with their neighbors. The foxes like to sneak into Bramble pride territory and hunt, sometimes coming dangerously close to camp in their search for a meal. Bramble pride has responded to this threat with strength in numbers and brute force. Unlike other prides, Bramble trains some of its kits to be warriors as well as protectors, strong and capable of fighting off even the most determined intruder. Teamwork is a must in Bramble, and every cat plays a part in maintaining the safety and security of the entire team.

Bramble pride and the Gods

Because they are lead by an old Ship's Cat, Bramble pride does not have the same ties to its old stories that some of the older prides have. But that doesn't mean their leader can't see the value in the lessons these stories teach, and as a result knowing these old stories, and the morals they carry, is required learning for all Bramble pride kits. In particular, Bramble cherishes the teachings of Honor, the she-cat god of self and pride as one. Honor's lessons are ones of teamwork and community, and every Bramble pride kit knows her stories before they are old enough to apprentice. Bravery, the mysterious tom-cat god, is the patron saint of Bramble pride's warriors. Bravery is a symbol of strength against all adversity, and reminds the cats of Bramble that, as long as they remain united and strong, there is no obstacle they cannot overcome. In a contrast to their strong willed gods, the pride looks to the lesser goddesses of Birth and Kits, representatives of motherhood and new life. Bramble knows that, without its new generations and young life, the protection of its land it without purpose, and so honors its young accordingly. Pregnant and nursing mothers hold special rank within the pride, and kits are afforded the utmost love and respect as they grow.

Bramble pride and non-pride and pride-less cats

Situated far from the town and the homes beyond, Bramble pride seldom comes into contact with outside cats, and they are not overly welcoming when they do. An intrusion from a cat of another pride is seen as little more than a declaration of war, and will be responded to accordingly. Bramble is not above taking intruding cats captive, nor will they hesitate to respond to anything perceived as an aggressive advance by another cat or group. When it comes to pride-less cats, Bramble is entirely unwelcoming if that cat has made the mistake of wandering into their territory. Captured cats will seldom find freedom again, but neither will they find a place in the pride without a difficult journey of proving their worth to the pride Leader.

On joining and leaving

Joining Bramble pride is an arduous task, and not one to be undertaken lightly. A cat who has abandoned his previous pride is assumed to be a deserter at heart, and will find it almost impossible to convince the pride that they can be loyal to Bramble alone. Pride-less have a little more of a chance, if they can prove to the pride that the skills or knowledge they bring are unique and indispensable. Leaving is an act of treason in the eyes of the pride, and a cat who chooses to leave is choose to sever all ties with their family and friends. Bramble pride is not a forgiving pride, and a cat who leaves may very well never be allowed to come back.

On mates and kits

Bramble pride loves its mothers and its young. Spring for the pride is a particularly special time, full of celebrations and feasts as the pride welcomes its young to the world. All cats are allowed to mate, and all females are allowed to breed. Pairs need to seek the approval of the Star cat and the Leader before becoming official mates, and should consult with the Medicine cat before becoming pregnant. Cats must have reached adulthood to mate, and any Guard cat needs to wait a minimum of two moons before having kits. Mates from outside the pride are unacceptable, and any cat found willingly mating with a non-pride or pride-less cat will find themselves and their kits banished.

On traveling

Although no area of the pride's territory is restricted from traveling, cats are expected to either travel in groups of two or more and top alert a higher ranking cat whenever they are undertaking any unexpected travels to avoid the impression of abandoning the pride. Cats are not allowed to hunt outside the territory unless the pride is suffering from a serious lack of prey.  

Bramble Pride and Growing up

Kits who grow up in Bramble pride are proud and loyal to their home and family, and carry with them a deeply fostered sense of self. Parents and kits maintain a close knit relationship throughout life, and extended family is an essential part of pride life. All cats are open and willing to teach the kits what they know, and from an early age kits are starting to learn about the tasks they might choose to learn when they come of age. Learning a task is itself quite an adventure for Bramble yearlings, and gaining a mentor is a monumental occasion. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and no pride holds this idea more dear than Bramble pride. All yearlings are officially partnered with the leader in whatever task they wish to pursue, and work with all adult cats in their chosen field while they train. Yearlings only spend a short time practicing one-on-one before they start participating in hunting and guard parties, or working side-by-side with the Medicine cat. The pride Leader is deeply involved in the lives of his yearlings, and makes a point of checking in with them periodically throughout their training. The transition to adulthood is a cause of great celebration, in which the pride feasts and dances under the moonlight. For the rest of their lives the cats will be treasured members of their pride, and if they remain loyal and hard working they are rewarded in old age. The elders in Bramble pride are left to enjoy their final moons in the utmost comfort, and are cherished as story tellers within the pride.

The Tasks

Second: The Second is the pride Leader's right paw cat. A master at both hunting and battle, this cat is second only to the Leader in authority, and is said to represent in full the most cherished traits of a Bramble cat. The Second is cunning and versatile, capable of taking up any role needed of them at a moment's notice. Confidant of the Leader, a Second participates in many of the Leader's most exclusive meetings and journeys.

Star Cat: The spiritual leader of the pride, Star cats are the keepers of the history of the gods. It is from this cat that the kits and yearlings of the pride seek advice on what they should do with their skills, and how they can best serve their pride. Star cats play a crucial role in celebrations of birth and growth, are sources of advice in conflict, and serve as adviser to the Leader.

Medicine Cat: The Medicine cat maintains the physical well-being of the pride. From illness to injury, infections and itches, the Medicine cat is who the rest of the pride turns to. A Medicine cat rarely journeys out with the hunting and guard patrols, but they are brave cats who will not hesitate to brave the wilds in search of a cat who requires their assistance. the pride might have as many as three Medicine cats at a time, working together as a cohesive unit of healers.

Guard Leader: The Guard Leader is the physical embodiment of strength and endurance, and a force to be reckoned with by all cats' standards. The Guard Leader is in charge of arranging boarder patrols, monitoring threats, and maintaining the safety and security of their territory.

Hunt Leader: The Hunt Leader is all cunning and stealth, a shadow in the night capable of felling even the most fearsome prey. Hunt Leaders are responsible for arranging hunting parties, monitoring prey movements, and ensuring that there is enough food to feed all members of the pride.

Guard: Guards are the muscle of the pride. They work together to patrol the territory, watching out for and dealing with threats, maintaining safe paths of travel, and delivering communications between patrol groups. Guards tend to specialize within their patrol groups, with patrol groups serving as tight-knit family groups all their own.

Hunter: Hunters bring home the bacon--literally. Hunters are the providers of the pride, ensuring that every mouth in the pride has enough to eat. Hunters generally travel in pairs or groups of three, forming intimate partnerships with their hunting companion. They tend to be a little more free spirited than their guard companions, but no less loving and loyal to their pride.
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Bramble Pride Overview
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