A warriors-based written Cat RP, Prides of Port Town is open to RPers, artists, and writers of all skill levels. Create your cat, chose a Pride, and join the hunt!
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Character sheet
Character Name: Greyfur
Pride: Bramble Pride
Rank: Pride Leader

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Name: BlackTooth
Pride: Seaport
Rank: Pride Leader

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She's a black domestic short hair, with a light, thin build and narrow, pointed face. She has a single tooth, which she jammed at a young age, which turned back and earned the she-cat her name.
BlackTooth Nother10
(Picture from this cat creator
Height: 8 inches at the shoulder, 25 inches head to tail
Weight: 7 lbs

Family: Her parents, a long haired black tom-cat and a short haired ginger she-cat, were mousers on one of the ships that traveled the various ports along the coast. She has one sister, Ginger, who she has not seen in years, a deceased brother named Cask, and her brother Greyfur, who is leader of Bramble Pride.

Personality: Born on a merchant ship, BlackTooth was raised fighting to survive. While the ship she and her family lived on needed the mousers to maintain their wares, they carried more cats than the ship could comfortably carry, which led to constant tensions among the cats. BlackTooth's brother chafed under the close quarters, frustrated by how often cats would trick and deceive one another to gain an extra mouse or foot of space for their family. BlackTooth, on the other hand, was fascinated. She watched the other cats closely, learning their tricks and moves, and how to turn the them on their heads. Through careful observation, BlackTooth was soon tricking her fellow cats left and right, and pulling in food for her family by the claw-full. One of the older cats on the ship, a scarred and dirty old tom named Ratter, noticed her skills and took her under his wing, teacher her how to sneak and lurk until she could traverse the entire ship without being spotted by cat or man alike. With her new found freedom, the size of her world shrank around her, and she was struck with what Ratter called "the wanderlust." He told her that the only cure was to get off the ship and stretch her paws, so when BlackTooth realized her brother was about to jump ship she hurried to follow him. While Greyfur when wandering into the scraggly scrublands behind the small town they'd landed in, BlackTooth found her unique skills allowed her to blend easily into the streets and fish markets of the town. Cunning and quick with her tongue, it didn't take BlackTooth long to make friends among the cats of Port Town's dank alleyways, and before long she had convinced them to hunt beside her, taking them under her wings like Ratter had for her. Before long she was running the streets of Port Town, her patrols of careful, cunning cats weaving smoothly through the legs of open-handed humans and slowly pushing the local alley cats out of their once uncontested territory.

Character Progression:
Knowledge: 0/10
Hunting: 0/10
Strength: 0/10
Healing: 0/10
Trickery: 0/10
Stealth: 0/10
Diplomacy: 0/10
Teamwork: 0/10
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