A warriors-based written Cat RP, Prides of Port Town is open to RPers, artists, and writers of all skill levels. Create your cat, chose a Pride, and join the hunt!
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 The Story of the Port Town Prides

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PostSubject: The Story of the Port Town Prides   The Story of the Port Town Prides EmptyFri Feb 27, 2015 3:35 pm

In the time long ago, the cats of Star Pride lived in a state of uncertain harmony. The time had finally come, you see, to create the first land cat, the very first cat whose paws would walk the earth. The cats of Star Pride were supposed to work together to model the first land cat after themselves, and that was where the conflict began. Although each of Star Pride's cats embodied the complexity of all cat life, each cherished one aspect of themselves above the rest, and was certain that their cherished personality trait was the one from which all cat life on the land should spring. Infighting broke out among the cats, and for many moons they squabbled, unable to come to a consensus about which traits were the traits of a 'true' cat. Strong willed cats like Cunning and Bravery fought fiercely for their beliefs, while the more cool-headed cats like Wisdom and Devotion tried to use reason to support their own. Honor and Deceit were constantly at loggerheads over this one crucial decision, and Loyalty and Pride argued semantics tirelessly. It didn't help that the lesser cats of Star Pride joined in, taking sides and forming alliances in a bid to ensure their own traits would pass along to the cats of the land as well.

Just as the fighting reached its crescendo, the leader of Star Pride stepped in. He was an ancient and magnificent cat, who existed beyond the need for personal categorization that his fellow star cats fought so strongly for. With a wave of his tail starlight spread across the pride, and the fighters fell silent. He was disappointed by his fellow cats and their squabbles, and decreed that because they could not decide what gifts they would bestow upon the cats of the land, the land cats themselves would get the choose. Collecting up the brightest star he could find, the leader of Star Pride brought this glowing light of life back to the pride. One by one, he commanded each god to step forward and share a little of themselves with the light, and with each gift the light gained a life--a part of itself which it could devote to the exploration and growth of a particular aspect of its self. Once the light had been given its eight lives the Leader of Star Pride offered it a ninth, the light of life and creativity that would allow the cats of the land to create and tell their stories and grow to become the greatest cats they could be.

Once he was finished, the Leader of Star Pride waved his tail, and the new life light he had created fell to the land, and from it came the first cats and prides. In the moons that followed, the cats and prides have grown and spread, and their legacy has covered the land from end to end. While the cats of the world have diversified, and their stories are as unique as they are, they never forgot their roots or the lives with in them.

The four prides of cats living within and around the small seaside town of Port Town are the latest in this long lineage. While each has devoted itself to a different set of Star Cat Gods, all are home to cats who are wise, strong, and passionate, and are prepared to add their stories to the long legacies that dot the skies of Star Pride!

Port Town Prides is an RP inspired by the "Warriors" Book series by Erin Hunter. A writing and art based role playing system, PTP combines a leveling system built on specific missions and tasks for individual characters to complete with group wide story based RPs and individual RPing, story writing, and art creation to create a user friendly and interactive role playing experience. RPers of all experience levels are welcome, along with all levels of artistic or written skill. Read on to learn more about the Prides, and find out which is right for you!

The Gods:

The Gods, the great cats of Star Pride, represent the traits
most important to cat-life, and it is from them that all cats learn what
it means to be a strong and loyal Pride cat:

A grey bob-tailed she-cat, Cunning values a reliance on your
wits and problem solving. Cunning offers cats the ability to be adaptable
to unusual situations and to handle ones self with careful and calculating
precision. Patrol cats, in particular, look to Cunning for protection and guidance,
and benefit from the stealth and quick-witted sensibility that Cunning has to

A cream and brown mountain cat she-cat, Pride shared with the
land cats a duel focus on the self and the pride, and emphasizes the
recognition of an individual’s strengths within the group. Under the teachings
of pride, all cats have something desirable to pass on to the next generation,
and their own personal offerings to the pride are a source of pride and honor
to the individual.

A golden colored tom-cat, Loyalty stands for allegiance to the
pride and your own, no matter what adversities you face. Loyalty demands
that all cats do their most to protect and grow the pride, and as such is the
patron saint, so to speak, of any pride's most valued providers--it's hunters.
Loyalty gives to all cats the agility and focus to take down even the most formidable
of prey for the purpose of feeding the pride.

A scraggly off-white alley tom-cat, Deceit is all about deceiving appearances
and  carefully planned allegiances. Sly and shrewd above all else, Deceit values, and
shared with the cats of the land, a sense of trickery, and the ability to lie and mislead.
Deceit cautions against trusting outsiders and distancing ones self from those
that can be taken advantage of, and a pinch of skepticism in everything one does.

A silvery Bengal tom-cat, Wisdom is a quiet, thoughtful cat who desires
knowledge above all else. A careful observer of the stars and the moon, and a
keeper of even the oldest stories of Star Pride, Wisdom knows the power of a deep
rooted history and a tight knit spiritual culture. To the prides, Wisdom gives the gift
of the kinds of deep bonds that only a shared love of prides and legend can give.

A golden Abyssinian she-cat, Devotion is the eternal mother of the gods, and as such
is the keeper and protector of the unique paternal love between a parent and kit.
The support of kits and yearlings within the pride is her singular desire, and as
such Devotion has gifted each cat with the innate skills needed to protect even the
youngest pride member. All cats can thank Devotion for the ability to heal one
another, and the lineages of Medicine cats who have served the prides for generations.

A hulking black tom-cat, Bravery exalts the act of standing up to fear and
uncertainty. Bravery is to guards cats what Loyalty is to hunters, and as such he
imbues his chosen guarded with the physical strength and fearless constitution that
all guard cats possess. Under Bravery's watchful eye, cats gain the powerful muscles
and razor sharp claws needed to protect their pride against any threat that might
trespass upon their territory. From enemy cats to even the most imposing dog,
no intruder stands a chance against a cat with Bravery on their side.

A ginger she-cat, Honor brings with her a sense of only the utmost respect for the
self and others, and the ability to not only accept and cherish another's skills and
unique traits, but to also find a way to compliment those skills with your own, and
in doing so create a partnership greater than the sum of its parts. Teamwork is the
greatest achievement of any cat in Honor's eyes, especially a team who can overcome
its own needs to further the interests of its allies and pride.

Lesser Gods:

The lesser gods represent important aspects of pride life and protect the cats through out their daily lives:

A long haired, dark grey androgenous cat, Death is the protector of lives traveling to Sky Pride

A gentle calico she-cat, Birth is the protector of pregnant and nursing she-cats

A reddish black mountain cat she-cat, Medicine protects healer cats, medicinal discovery,
and health.

A Himalayan she-cat, Wanderlust is the protector of patrolling cats, exploring cats,
lost cats, and pride-less cats.

A golden Bengal tom-cat, Hunting is the protector of hunters and hunting parties

A rambunctious tabby she-cat yearling, Kits is the protector of kittens and yearlings

A silver tom-cat, Battle is the protector of cats caught in fights

A solemn ginger persian tom-cat, Leadership is the protector of Pride Leaders, Seconds,
and Task Leaders

The Prides

Port Town and its surrounding area have been divided up among four groups of cats, each with its own unique way of life and personalities:

The cats of Seaport pride live among the people who live and work along the ports of Port Town. While their camp is located in the remains of a small quarry behind the town, the hunting territory of this pride extends almost exclusively through the streets of the town. Stealthy and cunning, Seaport cats have learned to get their food in multiple ways, as they both hunt the rats and seabirds that flock to the docks and pilfer what fish they can from the boats and crates of fresh catch. Because their source of food fluctuates so unexpectedly with human movement and the success or failure of fishing trips, the cats compensate with a rotation of twenty-four hour patrols and hunting parties. To this end, the working cats of the pride are divided into four patrols, each with its own mini-camp at one of the four cardinal points of the town (the North, East, South, and West patrols). Although the care of the pride as a whole matters to all cats, the tight-knit bonds and constant companionship of the patrols serves to bring a constant sense of uneasy division to the pride. It is only their united concern for the pride, and their strong willed Leader, that keeps the pride together. That, and the constant threat of lost food and territory at the hands of the local alley cats.

The heart of Bramble pride life lies within its secretive camp. Nestled deep within a thorny thicket, Bramble pride is well protected from any threats the outside world might throw their way. The grasslands and thicket that spread, sprawling, behind Port Town provide a bounty of wildflowers and wild fruits and nuts, which attracts all manner of small mammals and birds. Bramble pride feeds well on this bounty, and its cats flourish under the land's nourishment. But bounty also brings competition. A pack of grey foxes lives on the outskirts of the field, and the pride finds themselves at constant odds with their neighbors. The foxes like to sneak into Bramble pride territory and hunt, sometimes coming dangerously close to camp in their search for a meal. Bramble pride has responded to this threat with strength in numbers and brute force. Unlike other prides, Bramble trains some of its kits to be warriors as well as protectors, strong and capable of fighting off even the most determined intruder. Teamwork is a must in Bramble, and every cat plays a part in maintaining the safety and security of the entire team.

The Wintersands pride is located along the rocky coastline to the north of Port Town. A honeycomb of sheltered caverns a short way up the cliff side serves as home to the Wintersands cats, and provides them with a close, interconnected series of dens that keep the close-knit pride as physically close as they are spiritually. The abundance of seabirds, small mammals, and crustaceans keep the pride well fed, and their close proximity to their food source has allowed them to focus their energies into growing their pride spiritually and culturally. Exploration is also high on the list of this pride, and with a great expanse of unclaimed lands to the north, there is no end of wilds for these cats to journey to. An open-minded and diplomatic pride, Wintersands makes most of its decisions in the form of council meetings, which are headed by the leaders of their tasks but open to all cats in the pride. Individuality is key in Wintersands, and every point-of-view is welcome in the halls of the Wintersands council den.

The Banyanwood pride's camp is located high in the twisting branches of an ancient banyan tree. From up above, the Banyanwood cats reign over their lush forest territory. An ancient pride, the cats of Banyanwood live a regal, noble life, where station and lineage mean everything and the most important goals in life are rising through the ranks and passing on your bloodline. Beneath the surface of this pleasant, well-groomed pride runs an ever-present current of intrigue and distrust. The cats of Banyanwood are unique in their single-minded focus on keeping any and all intruders from their home and out of their carefully manicured bloodlines. Bordered on almost all sides by Bramble, Seaport, Wintersands, and the pride-less cats of Port Town, Banyanwood finds itself on constant guard, defending its bountiful territory jealously from any wandering paws. It is this omnipresent fear of outsiders that seems to bind the high-minded Banyanwood cats so closely together, seconded only to the never ending quest for strength and perfection among its own cats.
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The Story of the Port Town Prides
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