A warriors-based written Cat RP, Prides of Port Town is open to RPers, artists, and writers of all skill levels. Create your cat, chose a Pride, and join the hunt!
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Cinnamon     Empty
PostSubject: Cinnamon    Cinnamon     EmptyTue Mar 03, 2015 8:40 pm

Name: Cinnamon
Pride: House Cat
Rank: N/A

Age: Yearling
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Cinnamon is a domestic long hair cat, about six months in age. She has brown fur with reddish-brown on her legs, face, ears, and tail. She has the lanky build of a half grown cat, although her slender legs and little paws suggest she won't be getting very big.
Cinnamon     Mo_kit10
(image courtesy of this awesome kitten creator)
Height: 5 inches at the shoulder, 12 inches long
Weight: 2 lbs

Family: Cinnamon's mother is a fluffy white she-cat named Princess, and an orange tom named Rusty, who belongs to the neighbor. The rest of her siblings have been taken in my other homes, although she has heard that one of her brothers, Skunk, might have run off into town and become an alley cat.

Personality: A playful and friendly kitten, Cinnamon is always looking for someone to play with or somewhere to explore. Her mother, a sleepy, aging queen, usually shoos her off to find something to keep her busy in the back garden. When her siblings lived at home, Cinnamon was always chasing after them, alternating between trying to play with them and trying to pull them away from the dangerous antics and acrobatics they always seemed drawn to. When they left Cinnamon was deeply effected, and was never quite able to shake the loneliness that their loss left lingering within her. In an attempt to rebuild some of her family connections, Cinnamon has recently started trying to reconnect with her father, who lives in the next door garden. She has been able to build a small bond with him, but the old tom-cat tends to be less interested in spending time with his young, bouncy daughter and more interested in patrolling the woods beyond his fenced in home. One day Cinnamon spotted her father slinking off into the woods and, overcome with curiosity and her drive to spend time with him, she followed. It wasn't long before Rusty spotted her, but just as he was about to shoo her home the arrival of another cat distracted them both. A wizened old cat came trundling out of the woods, with dirty yellow fur and a snaggled forest of teeth poking out of her lips. Rusty was unimpressed by the old cat, but Cinnamon was enthralled. She quickly introduced herself to the old cat and forcibly became her constant companion. And, after a time, her persistence was rewarded. The old cat was once a medicine cat for a Pride of wild cats, and she shared some of what she knew with the knowledge thirsty Cinnamon. The more she learns, the more Cinnamon's dreams fill with thoughts of wild cat prides and forest adventures, and although her family holds her to her home, her heart continues to wander deeper into the woods and beyond, wondering what mysteries she might find there.

Character Progression:
Knowledge: 0/10
Hunting: 0/10
Strength: 0/10
Healing: 0/10
Trickery: 0/10
Stealth: 0/10
Diplomacy: 0/10
Teamwork: 0/10
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