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 Moon Place Rules

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PostSubject: Moon Place Rules   Moon Place Rules EmptyThu Mar 05, 2015 8:35 pm

1. Respect above all else. While IC fighting, snark, and general tom-foolery is always acceptable, be sure to keep it in the RP. If you are ever uncertain about an OOC interaction, do not hesitate to check in with your Pride Moderator or Global Moderator.

2. Keep in mind the rules and rituals of your pride when RPing. Characters acting against the acceptable behavior of the pride will be expected to follow appropriate IC responses to this behavior.

3. While cats other than the pride leader are welcome in the Moon Place, they should have been invited to the meeting through an IC RP.

4. RP interactions between two or more characters that result in significant change to one or more of the characters involved (gaining of a mate, becoming pregnant, suffering sever injury or death) should be approved by the Pride Moderator and agreed upon before hand by all characters involved. You may not RP using another player's character at any time without the consent and permission of the character's creator.

5. Don't forget, activities (like this!) that earn Paw Points must be posted in their appropriate thread, and then linked to in the Paws Points thread.
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Moon Place Rules
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