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 OOC Chat Rules

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OOC Chat Rules Empty
PostSubject: OOC Chat Rules   OOC Chat Rules EmptyThu Mar 05, 2015 9:04 pm

1. As always, respect above all else. Any interactions between members that are judged to be bullying, threatening, or otherwise harmful to any member of the site will be treated quickly and severely. If you are ever uncertain about an OOC interaction, please message one of the moderators of the administrator as soon as possible. And please keep in mind that any unkind retaliatory action taken by any member will be equally frowned upon. Telling a member that they are making your uncomfortable is not considered retaliatory, but calling them names or threatening them is.

2. Try to keep this area free of RP activity. RPs need to take place in their designated forums, and any IC activity here will not be able to be counted for points. You may use this space to planning, however, and you may create threads for this purpose.

3. Please use common sense when creating new general chat threads. A thread to talk about summer vacations or an ongoing RP plot is acceptable, for instance, but creating a thread to discuss problems with another member or frustrations with the staff would not be. Rather, we would prefer you direct these kinds of discussions to the staff in private message form (or at least keep the ranting in private messages, and free of any potential bullying or other unacceptable behavior).

4. While all members must be 13 years or older to RP here, we still request that you keep language to a PG level.

5. Any questions, as always, can be directed to the questions thread of this topic.
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OOC Chat Rules
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