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 Moon Place Overview

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PostSubject: Moon Place Overview   Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:35 pm

At the center of the four prides territories is a small, grassy clearing. At its center four tall stone rise out of the earth, leaning together to form a single peak that points directly at the bright full moon. Once a moon, the leader of each pride comes to this place, bringing a small following of their most trusted pride members. Meeting in the blue shadows beneath the stones, the cats share news of threats, successes, and changes in the lands they call home.

Moon meetings are a once monthly RP, requiring the attendance of all pride leaders (unless their current story lines prevent them from making the meeting). These RPs can be short, with only a few replies per cat, or longer if the participants are feeling particularly full of stories. These RP sessions make a great place for pride leader characters to address any inter-pride plots that have been running, and to add deeper complexity to the relationships between the prides. Moon Place meetings will be announced three to four weeks a head of time in the "Events" topic, and posted on the calendar, so be sure to watch out for them!
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Moon Place Overview
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